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About American Suspension:

American Suspension was founded in 1997. The Founder of American Suspension, Vince Costa, has been involved in motorcycle suspension for 40 years. First as a racer (winning the California state formula 1 and 750 championships) Then as a racing suspension tuner and finally as the founder of American Suspension. Vince has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of California.

1) American Suspension Forks make your bike ride and look better than any fork on the market. American Suspension forks are so unique they are protected by over a dozen patents. When people see an American Suspension front end on your bike, they know your bike is an original.

2) American Suspension Forks are strong and reliable, that’s why Boss Hoss and V-8 choppers have used them on 1000-pound bikes with 502 Chevy motors, for over a decade. The bushing area of an American Suspension fork is double the bushing area of OEM forks. American Suspension springers use sealed ball bearings at every pivot point. Your American Suspension front end is the thing you will like most about your bike.

3) American Suspension Forks are manufactured along the California coast, using steel tube purchased from mills in the great lakes area. We use Aircraft aluminum that is chrome plated here in Southern California. Using an American Suspension front end is a statement about your personal values.

4) Its what’s inside that really counts. American Suspension forks were the first to feature Perimeter Valves, directional control Valves and twin internal shocks. American Suspension combines state of the art dampening with multistage spring rates to offer complete control of wheel motion. Outfitting your bike with an American Suspension front end gives you the finest ride money can buy.

5) The difference between a $100k motorcycle and a $20,000 motorcycle is what you do not see. Since 2003 American Suspension forks have used Phantom line technology to conceals the brake line for the cleanest look on any fork. Look closely; it’s the details that you see in person, not in pictures that set us apart. American Suspension forks feature hidden headlight mounting hardware, Hidden lower stem. Hidden brake bleeder. American Suspension does it without clumsy covers. Using an American Suspension front end on your bike tells everyone you care about details.