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Jeremy Tumblin with 45k miles on our American Suspension Bolt On Short neck 26 kit – just road 5k to Sturgis and back – No Issues – American Suspension, the best you can buy, period! and MADE IN THE USA!

Jeremey T.
2016 Road Glide

Yep American Suspension proven some folks. Just over 14k miles here and this kit rides great!

Ronaldo B.
2016 Road Glide

Rides excellent .. Bolt On 30 rake kit .. Makes the bike ride like stock .. Awesome product ..

Manny -Quickline Motorsports
2016 Road Glide

Hey Mark just wanted to express my appreciation for getting me those lines. I will definitely continue to do business with AS. Several people have asked me what set up I’m running, I’ll always recommend AS. Thanks again
By the way rides awesome!!

Pedro A.
2016 Road Glide

I Have 26″ on my bike and love it. Went with American suspension bolt on rake kit .rides better than it did when it was factory.

Mark G.
2016 Road Glide

American suspension bolt on 26″ rides and handles great.

Dustin L.
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension the ride is perfect, easy installation, great warranty and customer support.

Justin S.
2016 Road Glide

We use the American suspension bolt on with great results.

Steve R.
2016 Road Glide

26 Bolt on build – Southernboy Baggers in Fayetteville nc love your product 26 bolt on couldn’t ask for a better ride.

Southernboy Baggers
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension for sure!

Fulton Custom
2016 Road Glide

We use American suspension kits. We have had great success with them and that’s what I run on my personal bike.

Badd Azz Bikes
2016 Road Glide

By far American Suspension.

Mark G
2016 Road Glide

I have an American Suspension bolt on kit with progressive drop in springs. (-2 inch) It rides awesome and absolutely no issues.

Mike F.
2016 Road Glide

26″ w/ American Suspension bolt on. Rides great. I think better than stock.

Christopher J.
2016 Road Glide

We offer numerous manufactures bolton / Weldon kits and American Suspension is the 1 we choose to use on our builds when our customers choose Bolton as their preferred way to install a 26″ or larger wheel and we have had ZEREO concerns.

Baggers Inc.
2016 Road Glide

The bolt on neck kit from American Suspension is the way to go. I have the Road Glide and ripped it apart at 800 miles and ride it like I stole it. I hit the triple nickel in ohio all the time and cut it no slack. You’ll be fine don’t let the haters tell you false info. Why the hell would you cut the neck on a brand new bike .

Rick W.
2016 Road Glide

Zero problems rolling 80 down the highway….1 hand or no hands…passenger or no passenger….your good to go with the American Suspension Bolt on…this is the 26″

Steve P.
2016 Road Glide

I’m a dealer for American Suspension and before I will give my stamp of approval I always try a new product on my own builds. I built my 2010 Street Glide with the 30 inch bolt on kit. I cannot rave about the ride any more than I do. It is one of the best riding and handling bikes I’ve ever built.

Scott @ Cyclent Cycles
2016 Road Glide

I have that kit from American suspension. It is a awesome kit. Best was to put big wheel with out cutting the neck on my 2014 street glide

Chuck L
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension 30″ Bolt On Built by David Rautenberg…. Ridability IS GREAT!

Rob B
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension , Best out there!!

Kevin S.
2016 Road Glide

Hey Mark, I personally want to thank you and your team for providing us all with the best parts on the market. Your devotion and cutting edge parts keep upping the game daily. Look at all the bikes that you guys have helped us all build. Thanks again

Rick W.
2016 Road Glide

How does it ride? Real good as usual

American Suspension Bolt on 30″ set up with a Doug McGoon 30″ Hawaiian.
2016 Road Glide

Appreciate the neck kit American Suspenson! 26 Bolt On with FM-15 Fairing Mount and AR-70 Air Ride kit

Stephen H.
2016 Road Glide

My before and after! American Suspension Bolt On 30 kit

Joseph Anthony A
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension 30″ bolt on with a new RC Components valor rim Detroit Choppers front fender and windshield. Trask chin spoiler. Also this is a 2002 road king.

Mike S
2016 Road Glide

Love those American Suspension MACH8 front ends! all my bikes come with american suspension front ends, this bike Featured in easy rider and V-Twin magazines February 2016

Tony S.
2016 Road Glide

Thanks for shipping the neck so quickly!!! American Suspension Slip Fit Short Neck kit

Eddie G.
2016 Road Glide

American Suspension Short Neck Kit (MK Modified) and Mach 8 Inverted Forks (MK Modified) really set the bike off. More pics to come after her official unveil!!!

Crush A.
2016 Road Glide

American suspension bolt on!

Chad L
Roadk King

American Suspension Bolt On kit, Thanks for the great kit & all your assistance Mark. Yes I’ve done over 100 no issue.

Michael G.
Road King

10k miles and American Suspension bolt on kit!

Bryan B.
Street Glide

Have done a number of American Suspension bolt on necks. No issues.

Steve C. R

American Suspension bolt on neck and stock rear wheel, rides amazing!

Jason M.
Street Glide

I went with the weld in kit from American suspension. I think Steve used their bolt on kit both great kits just matter if you or you know someone who welds and can make sure the angles are right. Bolt on is an easier way to go for sure and gives you same ride. Pro to bolt on is you can take it off if you ever want to sell bike or whatever your not doing anything to the frame

Colin T.
Street Glide

Just finished my garage built bagger, everything except paint done in my garage in my free time. Feels great to be done….. Love the American Suspension bolt on kit, rides like a dream!

Steve S.
Street Glide

You don’t have to cut and weld the frame…I have the American Suspension Bolt on 26″ and this bad boy handles perfectly down the hiway….
Stock rear bty…just added front and rear air ride…

Steve P.
Street Glide

American Suspension neck kit installed for a good friend of mine . Turned out great. Let us cut or bolt you a neck kit on yours!!

Eastend Baggers
Street Glide

American suspension neck kit with 26″

Joseph A – 26″ neck kit
Street Glide

Kings custom designs that’s all we use is American suspension top quality product by far

Cadillac R

Rides like a dream!! American Suspension Bolt on 26 kit

Daniel R – 26 Bolt On
2016 Road Glide

American suspension of course! 30 Weld in slip fit short neck kit.

Mike S – 30 Weld In
2016 Road Glide

Thanks Mark,the American Suspension Bolt On neck rides perfect

Mike S – 30 Weld In
2016 Road Glide

Hands down America suspension triple tree. I have this set up on my street glide for a 26″ it handles like a dream, just wish I would have went bigger ……

Holly Jason S – 26″ Bolt On kit
2016 Road Glide

26 Bolt On – garage built

Glenn Q M
2016 Road Glide

Best in the business as far as we are concerned.

Gavin I

American Suspension the only way to go. I just did my 16 Road Glide

Steven S. – 30″ Bolt On kit
2016 Road Glide


Don N. Extreme Rides

Orange Street Glide
Orange Street Glide

26 bolt on. Loved how easy it was. Garage built.

Seth H. – 26″ Bolt On Kit
2016 Road Glide

26 American Suspension bolt on. Rides perfect. Never had an issue

Mike F. – 26″ Bolt On Kit
Road King

Finally installed my 26″ bolt on. Love it!!! Thanks Mark

Oscar H. – 26″ Bolt On kit

26 Road Glide

Hey mark. Here’s some pics of my build using your 30″ bolt on. Been driving the shit out of it and no issues even up to 90mph. Smooth! All garage built too. Thanks bud!

Adam Gardner – using B30/14 Bolt On 30 kit

Adam Gardner

Bolt On 30 kit – Run out of Minneapolis tonight. 80 mph handled like a dream

Steven S.

26 American Suspension bolt on rides like dream no issues at all!

John H.

I’ve installed several AS bolt on kits without any issues and they ride great.

Scott H.

2014 street glide I got a American Suspension 30 bolt on kit its all perfect easy to put on rides steers great.

Terry S.

I have a American Suspension bolt on my 15 street glide, rides great all the way past 100 mph!!!

Jim P.

26″ American Suspension Bolt on….you can roll no hands on this bike anytime…rides and drives better than my 21 did….

Steve P.

Put 300 miles on my bike today. Road through Nashville Tennessee and damn near to Kentucky. Bike road well, averaged around 80mph during my trip, no issues with my AS weld on neck and 26 inch wheel. Getting relay use to this new set up. Tracking well and great steering. I’m sold, although never had a bolt on, I’m sold on weld on.

Bradley S.

I will say that the 2 best additions for handling I ever did to my bike was bars and a 26″ wheel on a American Suspension short neck.

Mark D.

Love my 26 Bolt on Rides like a dream.

Bryan T.

Mach8 …baddest front end on the market!

Jeff J.

I used the Bolt on kits at my shop, love it and gonna do more! American Suspension has a good product.

Quentin J.

My American suspension pucks work great.

Mark J.

This front end is bad ass.

Hector J.

I purchased a 30″ Short Neck Weld On Kit with Triple Trees kit from American Suspension. This product is bad ass to say the least! Keep up the good work guys!

Jake F.

I want to give a big thanks and shout out to Mark Evans at American Suspension. I’ve had install questions, I’m sure too many, but this guy did not hesitate to answer each and every one, whether by phone, FB or text, he was there. I can’t recall the last time or even if I’ve ever had customer service this superb. Again thanks Mark for all of your help.

Vaughn H.

Thanks to American Suspension for the awesome customer services.

Bob D.

Thanks I know your products are very good. I have only heard good things.

Kirby A.

I’ve had my street up to 110mph with a 26. I’ve been up to 90mph with no hands I didn’t have a wobble.

Michael A.

Big shout out to American Suspension for the help on the air ride, mark went above and beyond to help me out! If your thinking about going with American suspension, stop thinking and but it, stand up guys right there!

Mark J.

American Suspension the Wedge kit is great!

Lance W.

The air ride springer that American Suspension built for us was top notch.

Michael M.

Real nice!!! I feel the same about my American Suspension 26 bolt on.

Izaak D.

Went over 120 the other night with 26 Bolt on and bike was just as stable as it ever was.

Gavin I.

The product itself is outstanding and comes with “idiot proof” instructions I love it (American Suspension 30 bolt on kit) and it also exceeds expectation!!

Dave D.