P-49 Rear Air Shock Pair with Ram Air Connector ( This is for a SET of shocks - 2 shocks per set))


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Pair of P-49 Supreme ride Air shocks ready to plug into any Ram Air  fill system


American Suspension® is introducing a revolutionary improvement for Harley Touring Suspension, The P-49™. The amazing P-49™ Air shock combines the precision road holding of a racing shock with the butter soft ride of a luxury liner. The amazing P-49™ uses adaptive control valving™ combined with user adjustable RAM AIR™.   The sensational RAM AIR™ system is the Air ride system you have been waiting for. Compare the American Suspension RAM AIR™ to any other air system and you see the remarkable ease of use offered with RAM AIR™. RAM AIR™ is plug and play like no other. Instead of littering components about the bike, RAM AIR ™ incorporates everything into a single chunk of Made in the USA Billet 6061-T6. You just attach two bolts and plug everything in – and you are done. One switch lets you vary the bikes height from 9-3/4 to 13 inches. As simple as the RAM AIR ™ is to install, the inner working of the P-49 are complex. Multiple valving circuits seamlessly transition the ride from a bumpy back road to gliding down a smooth slab. The entire billet suspension unit is coated in our proprietary MOS2X™ coating. This miracle coating all but eliminates friction and provides a magic ride. As always the AMERICAN SUSPENSION P-49 is machined from aerospace materials right here in the USA. If you ride your bike, ride American Suspension.®

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Weight: 10.00 LBS
Width: 12.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 8.00
SKU: P-49A

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