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  • 6-piston brake calipers CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • Monoblock design gives you maximum braking power.  Bolted together calipers flex and distort under load.  The B62 is a rigid solid block.   No squishy lever – just solid braking power.
  • mounts directly to a stock leg when using a 13” rotor.  No need for brake mount adapter when using a 13” rotor.
  • B62™ six-piston design distributes braking power to the pad over a very wide surface, Giving you maximum brake power.
  • Extremely stiff under stress ensuring precise and consistent braking performance
  • Best Performing 6 piston caliper made for Harley Davidson touring/Dyna
  • Cooling fins are machined into the inner caliper halves help disperse heat
  • Compatible with ABS & non-ABS applications
  • 13” brake rotor applications
  • CHROME finish 
  • All Harley Davidson Touring 2000-2021 with 13" rotor
  • Each Caliper includes brake pads, bleeder screw, banjo bolt, sealing washers, mounting hardware