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When was the last time you had fun at work?

Now is a great time for you to join the motorcycle industry.

We take pride in what we do, and we have fun.

Challenge yourself every single day to deliver a better product to customers worldwide. 

Be part of a company that manufactures its products in the United States. 

Be part of a company that has lead the field in innovation for almost twenty years.

Be part of a company that is growing and expanding.

Be part of a company on the leading edge of motorcycle technology.

Be part of a company that will encourage you to contribute

Be part of American Suspension.


We are looking to add elite individuals to American Suspension team.  We want people that are going to grow individually, and drive the growth of American Suspension. 

It’s going to take long hours and hard work.  Individuals need to be dedicated to success, and willing to put in the tough effort it takes to win on the world’s stage. 

You must be able to both take direction and work as a team. You also need to have the internal motivation to set your own goals for success.

We are looking for enthusiastic, capable, and creative team players ready to join our team. We have full-time and part-time positions open. If you do not see yourself described below do not hesitate to submit a resume because we are always on the lookout for highly qualified individuals.

We have immediate needs in these areas.

  • Suspension Assembly technician

  • Suspension technician, experienced with motorcycle mechanics, fork assembly and repair.

  • Inside Sales Representative.

  • Telephone sales and Customer follow up representative.

  • Executive assistant, clerical Data entry accounting and administration professionals.

  • Quality Control with Experience in selecting and accessing chrome plating quality.

  • CNC Set up and operators, familiar with Fanuc controls, Mori Seiki, and Kitamura machines.

  • Shipping, receiving and assembly personnel.

  • Purchasing personnel. Able to source a wide variety of parts and materials. Experienced with getting the highest quality components at the best value.

  • Team leaders with Project management and coordination of efforts.

Whether you are evaluating the performance of a new design, negotiating with vendors to reduce prices, or assembling production parts that will be shipped that day, you need to achieve the very best outcome in all instances.  Successful applicants are self-starters with a tremendous sense of urgency and an unstoppable drive to succeed. Successful applicants have attention to detail, always insisting on creating a perfect customer experience.



  • Attention to detail

  • Strong work ethic

  • Insistence to maintain a neat and organized work area

  • Willingness to go above and beyond

  • An entrepreneurial spirit

  • Flexibility and positive reaction to change


If you meet these qualifications and are ready to be part of a team of positive, dynamic individuals, please apply. We look forward to reviewing your unique qualifications. We are currently looking for long-term hires, Email with your resume and a completed copy of our application. No phone calls, please.

Before you consider filling out our employment application, we have some things for you to think about.  Are you right for American Suspension? Are we right for you? Test yourself with these questions:

Are you good at switching gears? We are a growing company, so you will be expected to do many jobs that are not in your “job description”.

Are you a team player? We are like a family and we work closely with each other, sometimes under stress. And no matter what’s going on in your week, your team members will be counting on you to be here 100% when your shift starts. We all depend on each other and support each other. You need to be respectful and patient, and you also need to pull your own weight.

Are you willing to learn new things? American Suspension is the leader in innovative motorcycle suspension. If you work at a company creating new things, you will need to be constantly learning and adapting.

Do you pay attention to the little things? Every detail maters. Winning companies like winning athletes give 100% attention to doing the best job possible.

Are you energetic and self motivated? We provide a direction the company needs to move in. We are looking for individuals who take it upon themselves to advance the performance of the company as a whole. IF you think you can take a break while you wait to be told what to do, this is not a good place for you. You need to be constantly on the go.

If you answered, "yes" to these questions, click on apply below.

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